Monday, August 2, 2010

Games this season

Never before have I bought a partial plan for Red Wings tickets. Last year, I ended up going to nine Wings games [and one Washington Capitals game in DC] because I kept getting the Homer for the Holidays pack and it just worked out.

This year, however, a friend of mine looked into the nine-game package and told my brothers and I that you can make it to four of the five Original Six games [not Toronto, unless you want to count the preseason game]. That sealed the deal right there. Teams I'm seeing: Toronto [pre-season], Anaheim [home-opener], Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, New York [Rangers], Boston, San Jose, and Chicago, and probably the Islanders because they're the New Years' Eve game, but we have to buy that game whenever single game tickets go on sale.

So what you probably don't know about me is that when I go to a Wings game, I bring my camera. And I don't just take pictures: I take videos of every single Red Wings power play or even-strength pressure and try to get goals. Although, there was one game against Minnesota last year where I tried to get pictures of goals instead. It worked out once. [click to make it bigger]

And here's an example of a goal I've gotten on tape. Excuse the crummy quality.

I guess what this post is all about is that I'll probably end up posting my Wings goals here after games, along with reports and such. Well, at least the goals on tape.

PS - Anyone else having recurring dreams about the Wings first game this upcoming season, or is it just me dreaming about Filppula sniping the top shelf of the net for the first goal of the season?
Just me? Okay, thought I'd check.


  1. I was at the game in DC last year too! Cool.

  2. Wait, maybe you weren't talking about the Wings-Caps game, just a Caps game? Damn.