Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dancing Queen Pt. I

#PlacesOzzieMightSingDancingQueen was a hashtag that was around my part of Twitter on Tuesday evening. If you didn't see THIS ARTICLE by Pierre LeBrun, you're really missing out. But for this comic, the article isn't the important part - it's the interview. [But do still read the article because it's awesome.]

Chris Osgood is a [shirtless] representative for and gets to interview Lidstrom. At one point, he asks him the question, "Favorite Swedish golfer [male or female] and favorite ABBA song."

He continues to ramble on and says: "'Cause I love ABBA. 'Dancing Queen' - I used to dance to that nonstop in my early twenties. I don't anymore, obviously..."

Well, he's obviously lying. Because he totally still dances to it nonstop. Here's just a little bit of proof...

[My favorite is definitely the science class frame.]

Many thanks to everyone who pitched in. I'm going to try to get all of your ideas in there. But thanks to @thetinnishflash, @brigid22, @TheTripleDeke, @LolaByTheBay, @bradonweb, @saraneuie, @captnorris5, @sullyosis, @rednuck, @k_lap, @joe55167, @mserven, and @allisonRW96.

Yeah, it was that crazy.

Part II coming soon!

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  1. Is that a Pronger pool party and a BBQ with the Stuarts I see? This is even better than I imagined. I love how Pav is annoyed but TPH is loving the shower music