Monday, April 18, 2011

Epic Comic Things

April 15 marked the one-year anniversary I started blogging here at Franzenmuth - the night of Game One when that high stick on Lidstrom wasn't called). While I don't blog here as often as I used to (or as consistently), I'm still writing for the Red Wings over at (and loving it) and tweeting like crazy. I still think it's absolutely nuts that I started my twitter a year ago without really caring and now I'm addicted...and have 350 followers. You guys are the best, seriously.

So to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Franzenmuth, I'm giving you two things, both of which are pretty epic (the second one more than the first).

Franzenmuth is expanding!! I don't mean this site - I mean the fictional land in Sweden with mule-drawn carriages (and you guys probably don't know how much of Franzenmuth I have planned/mapped out). Here's how...

My boyfriend was coming up with nicknames for hockey players that would annoy me (he's a pest like that), and somehow he came up with the nickname "Helmalot" for Helm. I told this to Twitter, and someone said it sounded like a medieval land.

Lo and behold, I had to sketch it during one of my classes.
Now, this second thing has been going on for quite some time. And this is a video I made back in December and never posted (you can tell by the Christmas tree behind me, hah). But I think I need to show you guys just because of how amazing it is and I don't know how I've kept it a secret for this long. It could be bigger than "Pavel Datsyuk in: A Case of Dangleitis."

I promise to continue working on it with all my might. It's going to be awesome. (More of it's done than you think, too!)

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