Sunday, July 18, 2010

Midsummer Lull

If you haven't noticed, I don't update this thing very often in the off-season. Not that there's a lot to discuss, but I didn't do anything when Eaves or Miller were signed or even all of the Modano rumors. One reason is, well, I have been busy. But the other reason is that once the NHL Awards are said and done, I attempt to shut hockey out of my mind for at least a month and a half; if I don't, I have serious withdrawals. This year I'm smart and staying away from Youtube for as long as possible.

So here's a little post summing up what's left to do. It's not much, but it's something.

-Signing Helm and Abdelkader. Obviously I wanted Holland to sign them quickly so my anxiety could be reduced to a minimum. When they weren't signed within the first week or two, I was panicking. After the third week, however, when we had signed Eaves and Miller, I calmed down - especially when Holland said they wouldn't be signed until August. I'm patient.

-Mike Modano. Ahh, this situation. What hasn't been said about this? This is one fan that wouldn't mind Modano coming to Detroit. Hey - it could be similar to the Dallas Drake situation. And we all know how that turned out. I'll side with Babcock on this one, though I don't think he'll sign for two years right now - he'll take it a year at a time like Lidstrom.

-Laughing at Brett Lebda. Okay, maybe not laughing. When I initially found out, I was cracking up and I didn't know why. Then I went home and read everything he was saying and understood my humorous take on it.
Getting away from the hilarity of it, Toronto is a good fit for Lebda. I hope he does well and I hope Toronto fans don't kill him. He's a fast skater, so that's something.

-Tomas Homlstrom's Literal Office. The next Red Wings Comic movie. It probably won't be as amazing as Pavel Datsyuk in "A Case of Dangleitis" (which Greg Wyshynski on Puck Daddy said he found while he was browsing Youtube), but it will be amusing.

July is quickly dwindling away with August hot on its heels. And after August, there's the start of the school semester, along with the approach of Training Camp and Preseason games. Hockey will be with us soon enough.

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