Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pavel Datsyuk in "A Case of Dangleitis"

I can finally share with all of you awesome blog-readers the latest installment of my Red Wings Comic! Let me give you some brief background information on why it's in movie-form.

Both my family and my next door neighbors' are huge Disney World addicts. When we went back in 2004, the neighbor kids made us a movie of (mostly) fictional, hilarious, and stupid things they did while we were gone. Since then, we've made movies back and forth (okay, they've been lazy - they've made us two, we've made them five).

In this latest movie, which was presented to them today, my brothers suggested I draw an "intermission movie" for it. The plot was the younger one's idea - I expanded on it a bit. I happily and proudly present to you: Pavel Datsyuk in "A Case of Dangleitis."

Courtesy of Urban Dictionary: Dangleitis (n): In hockey the term dangling is used to describe, crazy, or insane move, someone with dangleitis then is someone who uncontrollably can dangle.

Dangle (n): To use exemplary skill and stickhandling ability to maneuver oneself around the ice. Often displaying a variety of sick moves.

As always, if you want to see more hockey hilarity in comic form, you can go join drw_comic at Livejournal.

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