Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long Absense

Yes, yes, I'm back from the dead. I'm sure you all have been wondering where exactly I've been. Not that there's been a ton of things to blog about, unless you want to hear more speculation about Koval...oh forget it.

Anyway, I didn't die. Actually, I just moved.

No, not from my house to a new place - I moved on the internet! I am currently the Detroit Red Wings correspondent for! Don't get excited like my brother when he heard "Hot Stove" and thought the CBC. Not that Hot Stove. No, this Hot Stove is all about NHL coverage...but it's not run by the CBC. It's awesome, though, I promise.

How did I get this crazy new job, you ask? Well, it was a cool thing called Twitter. Someone retweeted @NHLHotStove 's tweet of writers needed and I jumped at the opportunity. As of right now, I'm the only Wings writer over there. And it's not as informal as this lil' ol' blog of mine, which I'll probably update now and then with some more opinionated things.

If you're interested, I've had a couple articles posted over there already. Links to them are here [chronologically, by the way]:

-A Look At Detroit's Hometown Boys
-Red Wings Round Off Roster, Sign Justin Abdelkader
-Full Scale Red Wings Offseason Roundup
-Chelios to Wings' Front Office, Kronwall to Surgery

And late tonight/sometime tomorrow, there should be another article posted about Ozzie and Howard. I hope you guys go over there and keep your eyes peeled for posts by me. I love your support here and I hope you take it over there, too.

PS - I got my tickets for the Toronto game in March in the mail today. I almost cried in happiness. Hockey can't start soon enough.

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