Friday, September 3, 2010

Wings Door, Part II

I should post the back of my door, too, yes? The back of my door is not as awesome or jam-packed as the front, but it's still pretty decent. And as always, click on the picture to make it bigger. ...Ignore the mess of CDs on the side there...

Okay, starting from the top. There are a few things on the back that are not Red Wings-related. Like this note that my brother put in my lunch once when I was in high school. It's from The Simpsons. And below it is the map of all our Swedes from the Free Press last year.

Oh, Dan Cleary. How much I loved you at that moment...

Next is the last of the non-Wings related stuff...or at least non-hockey. These are both birthday signs from my brothers from a few years back. The top is the two guys from Steely Dan. "Hey Nineteen" is my favorite song by them and I just happened to turn nineteen. And the bottom one is from "South Park." The Guitar Hero episode. I love Stan's dad.

Down the left side of the door now...I have this picture just because Homer looks so ridiculously happy. It's the first thing I see right before I leave my room.

I've always had a weakness for pictures of saves from this angle. Thanks for that save, Jimmy.

Alex Ovechkin may be my guilty pleasure player. What can I say? I like the guy. But I can see why other people hate his guts. It's not like I'm blinded by my love for him. And hey, if he's up against the Wings, I want us to crush his stupid Russian face. Anyway, I have a macro of him on my door. For the lolz.

Now down the right side of the door. Man, Bert, that was a snipe of a goal.

This is the section I have dubbed as "The Ass-Kicking Section." ...Mixed with some more macros.

The "blatant interference" may be my favorite one, only because it's the most relevant because the refs hate Homer.

This is from the "Olympic Game" last season against Ottawa, the one right before the Olympic break. I was at the game and holy crap, all their kids are adorable. I was telling my friend that Homer's kid came skating out and my friend asked, "Did he head straight for the front of the net?"

Corey Perry, this was the weakest shootout attempt I have ever seen. And yet Dom is somehow on his back, splayed out on the ice.

In the middle of all this is my Red Wings calendar. it's on Rafalski for September.

Below all of this is the Home Swede Home poster from the Free Press.

Two years ago, I went to the Detroit Economic Club Luncheon with the Detroit Red Wings. Aside from Brett Lebda eating at my table and me finally meeting Filppula [and seeing him shove piles of rice into his mouth], we also got one of those giant Hossa flags and this freaking sweet poster.

And finally, the sports section front page from when we won.

And that is my door. We'll see what additions I make this coming season...

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