Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Wings Comic!

I've been busy this past week comic-wise. Pumping out two in the span of a week is pretty dang good. This one was a birthday present for a friend of mine who absolutely loves Tomas Holmstrom.

If you didn't see the second pre-season game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, I'll lay out the scene for you:

Holmstrom and some Penguins player both get stupid off-setting minor penalties. Holmstrom is not pleased at all. As he sits in the box and the refs are converging, he takes the towel in the box and throws it at the glass right next to the ref. The ref gives him a ten-minute misconduct.

Had this been a real game, I doubt Homer would have thrown the towel out of frustration. But since it was a pre-season game, it was hilarious.

So I present to you "Tomas' Towel-Throwing Tendencies."

[As a side-note/error, Homer lost his beard in the sixth frame. My bad.]

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