Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Being a BAMF is never easy

"It didn't faze me. You don't think. You just react. I would've stopped it with my face if I had to."

Jimmy Howard had the game of his career last night. After being thrown under a bus by a large amount of hockey lovers in the metro Detroit area after his performance on Sunday, he proved the doubters wrong. Was I one of the doubters? Right after Game Three, yes. But I knew we would rebound, as evident in my post here. We haven't played two terrible games back-to-back in a long time and we know better during the playoffs.

"I'm going to enjoy it here for a couple minutes," said Howard, who gave up four goals to lose Game 3. "Then, just like I did the other night, forget about it and get ready for Friday night."

And that's what needs to be done. You can't dwell on the good and you can't dwell on the bad. Take each new day like it's your first game and try to win it for the fans.

Jimmy Howard: punching Sidney Crosby in the face, taking out Shane Doan, making saves with his mask off. He's a tank, people.

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