Thursday, April 15, 2010

Make 'em pay

I had a great history teacher for world history in my freshman year of high school. He gave us a lot of advice on how to stay out of trouble and do as little work as possible. One quote that always stuck with me was, "Don't tick off the rhino."

In this case, the rhino is Nicklas Lidstrom. Close to the end of the third period last night, Lidstrom was hit with a high stick by a Phoenix player at center ice. It took five stitches to sew the wound shut after the game and there wasn't even a penalty called on the play. He said, "[The referees] said it was Fil's stick. Fil wasn't even close. They would have been better off telling me they missed it."

Yes, they would have. Because Nick Lidstrom, the machine, is rarely angry. I've been watching him play for years, and I've never seen him lose his cool. Lidstrom is the rhino; you don't want to tick him off or you'll regret it. He's looking for some revenge. Not physical payback, but more along the lines of scoring the game-winning goal tomorrow night against Phoenix.

Get ready, Phoenix. We're just getting started.

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