Monday, April 26, 2010

Pierre LeBrun is Awesome.

Everyone can calm down about the game tomorrow. Our good-luck charm will be there.

Yes, that's right. Pierre LeBrun is the Red Wings' good luck charm. He was in Detroit for Game Four [and responded to my tweet at him, which made my day]. He was in Phoenix for Game Five. And he just tweeted that he made it to practice and Doan skated, so I asked if he would be there and he said yes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I must admit that this tidbit of knowledge makes me feel a little bit better about tomorrow. I know things in the world around the hockey players really don't affect them, like whether we sit in the same spot on the couch or eat the same snacks, but does that stop me from doing the same thing every gameday? Absolutely not.

Will LeBrun's presence do anything to the Red Wings play? I doubt it, but we've sparkled when he's been there. So hopefully this superstition will ring true. Will the Wings have to show up to the game? Of course. And there's very little doubt in my mind that they will play like they did yesterday. T-minus 30 hours and counting.

PS - Top-rated shuffle #316/1496 - Tell Me - Stevie Ray Vaughan


  1. Hey Ti, I just caught your blog for the first time thanks to Drew's Quick Hits at WIM, and I'm impressed with what I've read from a couple of your posts. I'm gonna go ahead and throw you up in the Blog Roll on my site

  2. Well hopefully that will be enough good luck so we don't have to worry until then I am sure I will have a headache and a sore jaw due to me clenching it.