Friday, April 23, 2010

No Mr. Norris with the Norris nominees?

If you look at the Red Wings since February, what's off from what we normally look like? There are two things: We finished fifth in the conference rather than in the top two and Nick Lidstrom isn't nominated for the trophy that is synonymous with his name.

Yes, that's right. Nick Lidstrom wasn't nominated for the Norris trophy this year. Am I surprised? Kind of. I knew he didn't stand a chance of winning it this year with such a travesty for a Wings season that we had. But I thought he might get nominated. I mean, its Nick Lidstrom. How can you have a Norris awarded without him even in the mix? It boggles the mind.

Look at Lidstrom's plus/minus for the season - plus-22 It's better than our goal differential for the whole season. Remember back around December or January when [and I'm pulling these numbers out of the air] our GF was 223 and our GA was 218 and Lidstrom was still a +18? That's impressive.

If anything, I'm annoyed that he didn't win it last year. Green didn't deserve to win it last year, which is why he didn't. But Chara? I know he's a great defenseman, but sometimes I wonder if the voters were just intimidated by his height. I know I am.

But in all seriousness, I think Lidstrom would rather have a different piece of hardware for this season. And that one he's still up for.

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  1. It would have been nice to see him up for it... but I thought it would have been a long shot at best. He wasn't the stellar offensive defense man we are used to.