Thursday, April 15, 2010

There Will Be Kronwalling

I know everyone's waiting for Kronwall to kill Shane Doan tomorrow night. But here's what I'm thinking: he's not going to lay on a massive, leveling hit until he's on home ice.

Think about it. Phoenix was physically outplaying almost all of our players last night and the crowd was going crazy after every single one. Stuart laid on one hard, clean hit, and they were booing him like there was no tomorrow. I'm sure Kronner would rather have his coma-inducing hit followed by excited cheers and screams at the Joe rather than the angry [though somewhat confused] boos of the Phoenix crowd.

I guarantee you this: if there is no Kronwalling tomorrow night on Shane Doan, within the first five minutes of game three, Doan will be sprawled out on the ice, staring up at the banner-filled rafters with dazed eyes, and Kronwall will be skating away, surrounded by the jovial applause from Wings fans all around the Metro Detroit area.

Besides, don't we all want to see it done on home turf?

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