Thursday, May 27, 2010

DRW Comic - Shadowing Crosby

While my computer is sucking and my new computer is on the way, I have reverted to hand-drawing comics. So for those of you who were just introduced to this comic whenever I posted Bertuzzi's Pizza, you have yet to see the old school style!

So as Red Wings fans, we all know that Zetterberg shadows Crosby during games. He's on top of the guy, poking pucks away, holding him pointless, frustrating the shit out of him until Howard comes up and makes him smell the glove.

Anyway. What if Zetterberg kept this up off the ice, too? It might go something like this... [click it so you can actually read it.]

And the Toy Story 3 line is not a slight at Crosby's immaturity [though if you want to think of it like that and it makes it funnier, go ahead]. I'm just super excited for Toy Story 3.

If you like this and think it's an awesome way to relieve the depression of a hockey-less summer, don't worry! I'll be drawing a bunch more. I have a whole freaking list of ideas in a notebook.

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