Friday, May 28, 2010

SCF Post

It's been discussed in almost every single Red Wings blog so far: who do we root for to win the Stanley Cup?

For us Wings fans, this is a terrible SCF. Our division rival, whom we have a long history with, or Philly, who has Chris Pronger, among other players we have deemed "douches." One has Hossa, who jumped ship last post-season and made a lot of people in Detroit hate him, the other has Leino, who did nothing while he was here [though Babcock didn't exactly like him] yet now he's super awesome.

So which is the lesser of two evils?

It all comes down to your own opinion.

At the start of the season this year, I said if the Wings couldn't win it, I hoped it would be Chicago. Now that it's to that point, I regret ever saying that.

But I hate Philly with a passion. I hate Chris Pronger. Philly fans are annoying as hell and members of my family can attest to that claim: my brother went to a Wings/Philly game in Philly a few years ago with a friend of his. He wore a Zetterberg hat and no other Wings attire. He wasn't an obnoxious fan and didn't start anything. Yet the Flyers fans around him heckled the shit out of him and pissed him off beyond belief. And it wasn't like the Wings even won the game, so that they felt like they had to be jerks to a Wings fan in their midst.

I hate to say it, but I think I'm rooting for Chicago. I don't want the hype around them. I don't want to have to face them next year and hear the whole "There's a new reign in the Central Division!" jargon. I don't want Patrick Kane to get his thug name on the Stanley Cup. I don't want to have to put up with pretentious, idiotic Hawks fans who think they know hockey.

Why am I rooting for Chicago, then? Because if they win the Stanley Cup, it means Jonathan Toews will be the youngest captain to win the Cup. Not Sidney Crosby. This is the only plus side I can see. And as a coworker of mine said after I told her this, "I like how it always comes back to ousting Crosby. Even when he's not in it this year."

If Philly wins, I won't be angry. This is a Stanley Cup that I'm a little indifferent about. Hell, I might not even be home for the Cup-winning game. Even with the unappealing teams in the Finals this year, I still think it will be a ridiculously good Finals. These are two teams that want it badly. They're going to do anything they can to win and it'll be a hard-fought battle, no matter who wins.


  1. I just don't get it. Detroit fans cheering for Chicago is like the Palistinians rooting for Israel in a war.

  2. Have to go with Philly. We will never hear the end of it if Chicago wins. Plus I really want to see the Hossa curse continue.