Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lucky Charms!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this series is not over. Contrary to what everyone else is saying, this series is just getting started.

With that being said, I'm not taking any chances. I'm pulling out all of my good luck charms for tonight's game. Yes, I think we can win without me doing stupid things that don't actually affect them, but it's those damn superstitions and since I'm a crazy hockey fan, I can't not do them. I know I posted my good luck charms earlier, but I'm going to post some of them again.

1. Andy Capp's hot fries. These babies worked during Game Five versus Phoenix and during Game Seven. I even bought some to help the Capitals during their Game Seven [yes, I like the Caps. Don't kill me], but instead, they helped the Detroit Tigers destroy their opponent. So they only work for Detroit teams.

2. Flying the Wings flag on my car. This hasn't done much as of late, but I'm going to keep it up.

3. Pierre LeBrun will be here. [This doesn't make sense? Read this.] Actually, he'll be at both games. He sent a tweet my way and said, "True, they're 3-0 in my presence this spring. I'm in Detroit for Games 3-4 vs Sharks." So that makes me a little less frightened.

4. I'll be telling my friend that he needs to be wearing his lucky Red Wings socks and make sure that he has a six-pack of beer for tonight's game. That was the trick in Game Seven.

5. I'll be sitting in my usual spot for Wings games. For Game One, I was stuck in the basement and for Game Two, my brother was sitting in my spot. But also for Game Two, we had a friend of a friend over, who was over for Game Seven versus Pittsburgh. Needless to say, he is never invited back into the house for a Wings game.

Pull out your own good luck charms, Wingnuts. It'll make you feel a little better about tonight's game.

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