Sunday, May 2, 2010

To The Forum! ...Or Game 2.

It's game-day, people, and you know that means a lot of contemplative blog posts from us Wingnuts on what tonight's game will bring and what set of Red Wings will show up--the ones that played in Game Seven or the ones that fell asleep during the first period of Game One?

This series doesn't make me panic as much as the Phoenix series did, but we're only one game into it. That can easily change after tonight. But even if we do lose tonight, I won't be freaking out.

My Keys to Victory for Game Two in the Shark Tank:

1. Someone at work this morning told me that we're undefeated after we've had two days of rest between games. I'm not sure if this is accurate or not, but I do remember Mickey spouting a bunch of facts about when we're rested and when we've traveled within 24 hours or so.

2. Jimmy Howard. Has this guy had two bad back-to-back games yet? I keep bringing this point up, and no he doesn't. Letting in three goals in less than a minute and a half? Yeah, he's not going to let that happen.

3. Our defense. Letting in three goals in less than a minute and a half? Yeah, Lidstrom's not going to let that happen. Neither is Rafalski, or Kronwall, or Stuart. Most of my hockey friends want to get rid of Stuart, but I don't. Yeah, he's had a few bad games this season, but ignore that and he's been pretty damn solid. He's saved us a lot of goals. Anyway--Kronwall was laying out the hits last game [or at least more than he did in the Phoenix series], so let's keep that up.

4. The Sharks/referees pissed off the wrong Mule and he's going to be out for vengeance for that non-call on a blatant high stick. I'm telling you, this is Franzen's series. This is your time of the year, Johan. Live it up.

5. The Sharks are running on a high from breaking the trend of their first-round exit and the fact that Marleau is coming back for tonight's game. The Wings need to one-up their opponents' high and score a goal quick or at least shut down the Sharks' offensive chances.

6. Babcock wants to win. Which means that he will etch this into the minds of his players, whether they like it or not. Coming back to The Joe in a 1-1 tie would be a hell of a lot better than being down 2-0, even if our good luck charm will be at Games 3 & 4.

6. Power plays are always important. Likewise, penalty killing. The Sharks had, what, two goals on the PP last game? Remember when we let Phoenix get away with three in Game One? Yeah, let's do that again, Red Wings.

If what San Jose brought to the table last game was their best performance, I'm not worried one bit. But I don't think that was the case - I think they just jumped on our misfortune of sleeping during a game and ran with it. Getting Marleau back will help them out.

We haven't been down 2-0 in a series yet these playoffs. Let's not start now, please.

PS - Top-Rated Shuffle: #682/1496 - Pineapple Express - Huey Lewis & The News

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